School Assemblies

One of the most popular programs for Athletes Helping Kids is the assembly program. It has the most impact on the children and is most effective because of the hands-on atmosphere. Three to five NFL players (either retired or current) go to a school and hold an assembly. Based on the last 50 assemblies, our average attendance is around 900 students per assembly. The average length of each assembly is one hour. The assembly is divided into four parts, each part covering one of the four topics:

1) Anti-drug
2) Anti-violence
3) The importance of an education and how to get one free
4) Making a difference in your life

These topics are interlaced with anecdotes, humor, and questions. Usually the education portion runs the longest and creates the most excitement with the students.


Castle High School February 2000

Castle High School February 2001

Logan High School February 2003

Wilua Elementary

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